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The dawn of a new project

Sprites are being drawn, touches are responsive. Hoping to get the tiles up and running tomorrow.

iBubbe and UIBattle are now available!

Apple finally got around to approving my two apps, and they are now available for download in the app store (as of last week). iBubbe download
iBubbe Info
UIBattle Info

UIBattle rejection No. 1

My goal was to see if I could make a fun iPhone game using only Apple’s interface elements.  Short development time, no art asset creation, quick submission/approval, no problem.
The game play is a simple, arcade-style setup.  Elements descend from the top of the screen and they must be turned off before crossing the Progress Bar [...]

iBubbe updates

iBubbe, the premiere virtual jewish grandmother for iPhone, now supports audio clip selection via a picker wheel.  Check that off the list.  I also enabled the accelerometer… right now all it’s used for is to summon/dismiss the picker wheel (which doesn’t really make that much sense, but it’s useful for testing).  I think the final [...]

White to move, mate in 10

It’s a long mate but it’s not too hard This happened naturally in a game of mine recently, thought it was cool enough to share.

There is no ‘L’ in Knight

I should preface this by saying that I am by no means a chess master.  I have a love for gaming, chess in particular, but have never played chess competitively.  Despite this (or, more likely, because of it) my appetite for the game remains unabated, and often I will find myself trying to create a [...]

Installing apps on jbiPhone

Note to self:

Put app on iPhone in /Applications
$ chmod 755
$ chown root:wheel
$ ldid -S
$ killall -HUP SpringBoard

That should work.

Soon I’ll tame those pesky eyeballs

Changed the eye placement algorithm a little bit just to get a wider range of y values. Working on something to make sure they’re always within the body (sometimes you’ll find that they show up out in space).
Also added some coherence to the coloring. It generates a random number between 0×000000 [...]

Looks like a face

Some proxy eyes are in place, as well as the mouth. Looking pretty good if I do say so.

Monster Generator gets Curvy

Lo ho ho!
Working on getting the curves right. To debug I’m drawing half the curved shape on top of the linear proxy, but it looks cool as hell so I figured it’s worth posting.