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Soon I’ll tame those pesky eyeballs

Changed the eye placement algorithm a little bit just to get a wider range of y values. Working on something to make sure they’re always within the body (sometimes you’ll find that they show up out in space).
Also added some coherence to the coloring. It generates a random number between 0×000000 [...]

Looks like a face

Some proxy eyes are in place, as well as the mouth. Looking pretty good if I do say so.

Monster Generator gets Curvy

Lo ho ho!
Working on getting the curves right. To debug I’m drawing half the curved shape on top of the linear proxy, but it looks cool as hell so I figured it’s worth posting.

More Monster Generator

I made some changes to avoid the wild crossing of lines, you can now begin to see the forms of the body.

Monster Generator!

Inspired by mutatingpictures and facemaker, as well as that clean-line Illustrator monster style I’m sure you’ve seen, I set out to design my own random generator that will output, hopefully, colorful cartoon vector monsters.
Right now all I’ve got are some jagged symmetrical shapes. Click in the space to generate.